Sensor attack from Samsung: ISOCELL Vizion 3D ToF


Criticized for not using the ToF sensor in the Galaxy Note 20 model, Samsung made a trademark application for the ISOCELL Vizion 3D ToF sensor it developed. The developed sensor is expected to be used in the next generation.

Samsung is on the agenda with ISOCELL Vizion 3D ToF sensor

The sensor used by Apple has won the appreciation of many people in both hardware and software. The brand application made for the ToF sensor developed by Samsung was recently accepted by EUIPO (European Intellectual Property Office). Although the detailed specifications of the sensor are not yet known, it is estimated that the company has used this path due to some disputes with Sony.

Samsung ISOCELL Vizion ToF sensör ile gündemde

The absence of the ToF sensor in the Galaxy Note 20 model was criticized by many users and technology editors. The new sensor developed is expected to be used in the front cameras of new models. In this way, the new flagship models will have a faster and more reliable face recognition system.

Among the details in the brand application made, 3D ToF will be able to detect the movement, proximity and behavior of people thanks to DVS (Dynamic Image Sensor). It is among the claims that the company will add to the Galaxy S 21 family, which will be released next year.


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