Sennheiser Sells Consumer Products Division To Sonova


Sennheiser sold its consumer products unit to Sonova, a company that manufactures hearing aids and is headquartered in Switzerland. Sonova, who paid 200 million euros to Sennheiser for the sale, announced that she aims to reach a young consumer base with Sennheiser.

Sonova CEO Arnd Kaldowski said in a statement to Reuters: “Even people who currently have no hearing problems may experience some degree of hearing loss one day. Sennheiser presence will allow us to reach this audience early. We will combine Sennheiser expertise in high-quality audio with our current technologies and our strength in innovative hearing solutions. ”

It was announced in recent months that Sennheiser is looking for a buyer or partner for its consumer products unit. Thus, the company stated that it aims to focus on its work in the field of professional audio products. Within the framework of the agreement described by the parties as a “partnership”, Sennheiser’s consumer products unit will be completely under Sonova’s control. It remains unclear whether the landings will be made among the 600 people working in the unit.

Sennheiser’s co-CEOs Andreas and Daniel Sennheiser pointed out that they share very similar common values ​​with Sonova, as well as their commitment to passion and quality. Sonova will have a permanent license to use the Sennheiser brand in the consumer products market.


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