Sennheiser Launches HD 400 Pro Headset For Editing And Mixing


Sennheiser presented this Wednesday (1st) the HD 400 Pro, a new professional headset that features an open design on the back, for greater user comfort. The release focuses on people who work with mixing, editing and mastering.

Designed to deliver high-precision sound, the circumaural model features 120 ohm transducers, which include a diaphragm made from a special polymer blend and “powerful magnets”. It delivers deeper, crisper and more defined bass, according to the manufacturer, with less than 0.05% distortion.

Furthermore, the aperture offers better natural sound propagation, creating a “wide, neutral and transparent sound stage”, according to the German brand. “Thanks to its high-resolution linear reproduction, this headset is a reliable reference for creating incredible mixes,” noted Sennheiser Professional Audio Product Manager Gunnar Dirks.

Another highlight of the Sennheiser HD 400 Pro headset is the removable cables, one spiral and the other straight, making it easy to adapt to different working conditions. The first is 3 meters long and the second comes with 1.8 meters, both featuring a P2 connector (3.5 mm) and a 6.3 mm adapter.