Sends the results of tests with CoronaVac to Anvisa


The Government of SP announced yesterday (23) that the Chinese vaccine CoronaVac is effective soon after the third phase of testing is completed. However, instead of sending the results of these tests to Anvisa, the state government has once again extended the delivery of these reports. Now understand what are the justifications for this movement that goes against the rush to release the immunizer to the public due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

This is the second time that the Government of SP postpones the delivery of the results of the tests carried out. The expectation is that the reports were delivered yesterday (23) since the last extension that asked for 8 more days to be sent.

Dimas Covas says the deadline has been postponed again due to a clause in the contract signed with Sinovac and the Butantan Institute:

This database was transferred this morning so that they (Sinovac) can carry out this analysis as soon as possible and then present the data, not only to NMPA, but so that we can also present this data to our Anvisa.
According to Covas, the contract requires the results of the studies to be presented together, which is why he stated that Sinovac “requested that the number should not be released for the reason that they need to analyze each case in order to apply these cases to NMPA agency, which is Anvisa of China. ”

The Government of São Paulo did not disclose the percentage of effectiveness of the Chinese vaccine, but Covas and Jean Gorinchteyn, Secretary of Health of the State of São Paulo, state that it is higher than 50%, which is the minimum established by WHO for the approval of a immunizing in an emergency.

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It is worth mentioning that Gorinchteyn said that the effectiveness of the vaccine produced by Sinovac in conjunction with Butantan was different from that presented by studies in other countries where it can be used and that was a factor that prevented the disclosure of these figures today.


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