Send your name to the surface of Mars with NASA


Tomorrow, February 18, 2021, will be the day that NASA will try to write again in the history book of Mars, the next great objective of space conquest of Humanity after the Moon. And it will do so with the Mars 2020 Perseverance mission, which will seek to land in the Jezero crater.

Perseverance is “NASA’s most ambitious Mars Rover mission yet,” and it will search for remains of life and signs of an ancient river that flowed from Jezero to a lake.

Mars Rover Mission

One of the things that the rover, NASA’s space exploration vehicle, will have on board when it lands tomorrow is the names of millions of people who signed up to see their names on the surface of the red planet. Almost 11 million names on a chip placed on a commemorative plaque. And it is that this practice is something common in NASA for several years, a practice that anyone can join.

At the moment we do not know what will happen to the Mars Rover tomorrow, if it will be successful, if it will survive the landing, if the connection with Earth will be broken, etc. What is certain is that NASA already has another Mars Rover mission to Mars underway for the middle of this decade that has already begun, and sometime between 2021 and 2031 -in theory by July 2026, NASA will send another vehicle Mars Rover, which already has almost 4.5 million seats reserved for the name. Do you want to see your name on that chip? Do the following:

Your name on the surface of Mars
Enter this section of the official NASA website on Mars
Open the first section, ‘Future Mars Mission’
Here you have to provide a series of data, such as name + surname, country in which you live, postal code and a valid email to be aware of news about the event. And also to know how many anecdotal points or ‘flight miles’ you have accumulated – depending on the number of missions you have sent your name on.
Once you do, NASA will make you a virtual boarding pass, similar to that of an airport, with data such as the departure date of the mission, the launch zone, the arrival zone, and the points earned – we already have 1.1 billion flight miles
You can download the card to keep it, upload it to social networks and even print it.
And that’s it. Now it’s time to be lucky and, above all, to wait. But knowing that your name will reach the surface of Mars and stay there is well worth the wait.


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