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This is very good news that Agathe Auproux fans have learned: the young woman has confided that she will be back in Libra, your post with Cyril Hanouna. Its subscribers seem very happy with this announcement.

Several months ago, Agathe Auproux decided to leave Touche pas at my post and Balance your post. The young woman said she wanted to focus on her projects. But after her absence, she decided to make her comeback.

In an interview with Le Parisien, Agathe Auproux revealed that she would be in Balance your post again. He seems to like this show a lot. It must be said that she really found her place in this concept.

The young woman also revealed: “It’s back to school. I return to Balance your post! I left C8 and the TV shows last November, after a complicated and bizarre year in the hospital.


Agathe Auproux also added to the Parisian: “I recovered immediately after my remission. Something I shouldn’t have done. Because it was too early. It all happened very quickly, too quickly. ”

The columnist also revealed, “Cyril and H2O have adapted well so that I can continue to ‘Balance your post’ once a week during my chemotherapy. He always told me the door would always be open. ”

The beautiful brunette then explained: “When he proposed to me again last September, I immediately said: ‘Yes, of course!’ (…) It’s a show that I love, which corresponds to me” .

The bubbly young woman also confided: “This summer, I had a lot of proposals in different media. And when Cyril told me and my agent about the new format of Libra your post, we found it very coherent ”.

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Finally, she also concluded: “I want to bring a view of the news from someone my age.”


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