How to send files to smart TV with Android


Sending files to Android smart TVs is a simple task. Through Send files to TV, a free app for mobile phones equipped with the Google operating system and Windows computers, the user can transfer documents, photos, pdfs and even videos directly to the big screen. For this, it is necessary to install the software both on the PC or cell phone and on the TV with Android TV.

The transmission is done via Wi-Fi and the files are saved in the memory of the final device, eliminating cables, pen drives or external HD. See below how to use the application to send files directly to the smart TV. It is worth mentioning that the program works not only on models with Android TV, but also on regular versions of Android, common in TV Box devices in general.

Step 1. Send files to TV is only compatible with TVs that run Android, be it the version adapted for the big screen or Android TV. With the remote control, access the Google Play Store;

Step 2. Search for Send files to TV and download;

Step 3. Open the application for the first time and skip the introduction screens;

Step 4. Grant permission for the application to access the TV files;

Step 5. Before starting the sending process from another device, it is important to first configure the application on the TV in the “Receive” option;

How to send files by cell phone
Step 1. Download Send files to TV on your Android phone. At the first access, tap “Skip” to skip the home screens and grant permission for the app to access the smartphone files;

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Step 2. Tap on “Send”, browse through your files and select the item to be transmitted to the TV;

Step 3. Then select the TV from the list of visible devices and wait for the transfer to complete. The application indicates in green (“Succeeded”) when the process was successful;

How to send files from your computer
Step 1. Access the Send files to TV website at the link “”, without quotes, and click on “Get it from Microsoft”;

Step 2. Install the downloaded executable on the computer to start seeing the application icon in the Windows tray. Click on it with the right mouse button and select “Send files”;

Step 3. Select any file on the computer to transfer to the TV and click “Open” to continue;

Step 4. Select the TV from the list of devices identified on the network;

Step 5. Track the progress of the transfer;


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