Senate seeks resources to help small businesses


A bill filed today (28) by Senator Jorginho Mello (PL-SC) will enable the third phase of the National Program to Support Micro and Small Enterprises (Pronampe). Negotiated with the economic team and with the direct approval of the President of the Republic, the project foresees an interest rate of 6% plus Selic per year.

Created in May this year, Pronampe is designed to help businesses affected by the covid-19 crisis that fall under the classification of micro-companies (gross revenue of up to R $ 360 thousand / year) and small companies (gross revenue of R $ 360 thousand and R $ 4.8 million / year), which includes a series of startups.

In an interview with Exame magazine, Senator Jorginho Mello said that he will ask you to consider the proposal as a priority, to guide it next week. After passing through the Senate, the project will still depend on the approval of the Chamber of Deputies and the final sanction of President Jair Bolsonaro.

The first two phases of Pronampe

In the first two phases, the Federal Government allocated R $ 27.9 billion to the Operations Guarantee Fund (FGO). The FGO acts as guarantor of credit operations contracted by entrepreneurs with financial institutions. In other words, it reduces the risk assumed by the operating banks when granting credit.

With the third phase of Pronampe, the federal government will invest another R $ 10 billion in FGO. Adding the banks’ contribution, Pronampe has so far injected around R $ 32 billion into micro and small businesses, a figure that could reach more than R $ 50 billion, according to the project author’s expectations.


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