Senate approves George Floyd bill


The statute had been approved by the House of Representatives in 2020. This Wednesday the Senate of the United States took a step forward in the matter of Human Rights, by approving a bill that bears the name George Floyd.

Floyd became known in May 2020, when he was killed by a Minnesota police officer.

This caused protests throughout the United States, even reaching the sports world, when NBA players raised their voices in protest.

George Floyd’s law wants to limit police excesses

One of the points that the George Floyd bill touches is that the functions of the police officers are limited during the procedures they carry out.

Additionally, the bill would prohibit the use of choke keys by officers and modify qualified immunity for officers.

The Senate vote was by a 220-212 margin. Rep. Lance Gooden of Texas was the only Republican to vote for the legislation, while Rep. Jared Golden and Ron Kind were the only Democrats who opposed it.

The White House seeks to regain trust

The Government of the United States, led by Joe Biden, wants the population to regain trust in the police forces, and this law by George Floyd could be the first step.

This bill was approved in 2020 by the House of Representatives, but it had been rejected by the North American Senate.


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