How to sell on OLX? 7 tips for advertising on the app


When selling used goods on OLX, it is important to follow some guidelines to have successful negotiations. Amid so many ads, it can be a challenge for the seller to stand out and make a purchase. Therefore, the following list provides seven tips for making good sales on OLX.

Comparing the prices of similar products, ensuring safe conditions to complete the negotiation and maintaining good communication with potential buyers are some of the tactics. Check out some tips to use the Android and iPhone (iOS) rival of Mercado Livre below, and see how to ensure a good deal on the ad platform.

1. Check your product values
Pricing your product is a decisive action for the ad to work. To find out if the price in mind is ideal, it is important to check other similar ads on OLX itself. In addition to keeping your offer competitive and avoiding product devaluation, it is also important to be aware of prices for the sake of credibility.

Too high or too low prices can generate distrust on the part of the prospective buyer. Therefore, even if you want to sell the product as soon as possible, avoid advertising it for a very low price, as it may raise suspicions of fraud or a damaged product.

2. Take questions from potential buyers through the app chat
OLX chat is one of the most important functions of the app, as it allows the seller and his potential buyers to chat directly. Using this chat to answer customer questions is a decisive attitude to ensure good negotiations, as it demonstrates proximity and availability. Chat also allows you to report irregularities to OLX. This can help the company to delete irregular ads and even ban certain users.

However, it is worth mentioning that the chat tool can leave the seller confused, as there is a risk that several interested parties will contact you to answer questions about the same product, which creates different private conversations. The seller then runs the risk of answering the same questions more than once – in that case, the ad itself is likely to lack some important information.

3. Avoid scams by identifying potential buyers
Sellers must exercise caution when contacted by potential buyers. While OLX encourages the verification of the profile of advertisers with email and phone, the same does not happen with customer accounts. So sellers should pay attention to make sure the purchase is not a fraud attempt.

If someone contacts you through the site and has a somewhat vague or ambiguous identification, do not hesitate to ask for more detailed information. OLX recommends asking not only first name, but also surname, workplace and other user data. In addition, it may be a good strategy to try to confirm data on social networks and other sites.

4. Take care when negotiating
OLX connects sellers and buyers, but does not mediate payments. Therefore, care must be taken when closing a deal to avoid fraud and scams. The company suggests that users do not make deposits or bank transfers before receiving the product, as well as emphasizing the risk of issuing false bank deposit receipts.

The best alternative is to complete the negotiation in person. In this case, it is important to choose a public, safe and well-traveled place, in addition to ensuring that it is a place where the product can be tested for possible damage.

5. Take good pictures
Photos can be the decisive element in bringing a potential buyer to your ad. So, focus on taking good pictures of the product. OLX allows up to six images for each ad.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose well what these photos will be, show details of the product in question and choose a good quality camera to highlight the characteristics of the product. In addition to searching for images on the phone, the OLX app can also access the camera, which allows you to produce images when creating your ad.

6. Respect the rules of the site to not be banned
There are several rules for creating ads on OLX that must be respected so that the user is not banned from the platform. In addition to placing products in the appropriate categories, it is also necessary, for example, to pay attention to the differences between advertisements made by individuals and by legal entities.

In the case of services, it is important to check to what extent they are in accordance with Brazilian law. Remember that ads can be reported by other users. Duplicating ads, including improbable data and even placing the ad in the wrong category can lead to reports.

7. Pay to highlight your ad
It is possible to advertise for free on OLX, but the platform also offers paid modalities that can facilitate the sale of the product. The highlights of OLX are divided into four categories: basic, silver, gold and diamond. Each has its own way of functioning and interacts with different sectors of the platform, such as the Gallery and Premium Gallery, special areas of the website that are displayed above the ads, but only in the web version of the platform.

In the “Basic” mode, the ad appears at the top of searches at the moment the highlight is booked. The “Silver” mode also takes the ad to the top of searches three times in a week. The highlight “Ouro”, in addition to taking the ad to the top of searches, also inserts it in the Gallery for seven days. The “Diamante” category takes the ad to the top of searches once a day and inserts it in both the Gallery and the Premium Gallery.


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