Self-driving Uber driver who killed cyclist is indicted


American officials considered the stand-alone Uber driver to be negligent during her role, which resulted in the first fatal accident involving such a vehicle. The Police Department of Temp, the city where the accident occurred, on March 18, 2018, published a video showing the behavior of reserve driver Rafaela Vasquez, moments before Uber hit 49-year-old Elain Herzberg.

Neglect in performing function

Vasquez had already told investigators that he did not use his cell phone at the time of the accident, but allegations against her stated that the driver was not fully aware of traffic, which could have directly influenced fatality.

This Tuesday (15), Vasquez was accused of negligent homicide, due to his behavior just moments before the accident: investigators discovered that the reserve driver was watching TV on his cell phone, instead of paying attention to the road.

Warning: the video below has been edited, but it may still shock some people.

Still, according to investigators, other factors contributed to the accident, including “Uber’s inadequate safety procedures and ineffective supervision of its drivers, Herzberg’s decision to cross the street and not use a crosswalk, and insufficient supervision of the Arizona Department of Transportation for autonomous vehicle testing. ”

Despite being cited, Uber has not yet been found guilty by the prosecution.

Vasquez pleaded not guilty during yesterday’s hearing (15), and will now face another trial, scheduled for February 11, 2021, while investigations continue.


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