Self-cleaning technology: Siemens DW15703


Meet the self-cleaning Siemens DW15703 water dispenser. The water dispenser, which you can buy with the assurance of Amazon, is waiting for you at affordable prices.


Let your water clean itself with the Siemens DW15703 dispenser. The water dispenser, which Siemens claims to offer an elegant touch for your kitchen, keeps your water healthy with its stainless steel water tank.

In addition, the water dispenser with an empty carboy signal aims to make your life easier by warning you just before you run out of water. Accordingly, the water dispenser alerts you when there is 1 liter of water left in your carboy, and provides an aesthetic appearance with its hidden carboy design.

Buy Siemens DW15703 water dispenser with Amazon assurance

The water dispenser, which offers stylish storage thanks to its hidden carboy design, also allows the tank to be cleaned by itself using UVC rays. The Siemens DW15703 water dispenser also prevents chemicals and odors from mixing with your water thanks to its stainless steel water tank.

In this way, it is ensured that the water is always clear, clean and fresh. The water dispenser, which provides a healthy drink with its new generation technological features, adds a pleasant appearance to the environment with its aesthetic and elegant appearance.


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