Selena Gomez without complex: it is displayed in full tasting of pasta!


Selena Gomez has no complex and she assumes, she wants to convey the best image of herself. Besides, she does not take himself seriously at all as can testify his latest insta photos!

Selena Gomez posted hilarious pictures on her Instagram account. Without any complex she gobbles her paws while making a funny head. This photo dates from this summer when the young woman spent a stay in Capri, surrounded by her friends. Indeed it is in Italy that the young woman had decided to celebrate his 27 years. However, it was not until autumn that the singer posted her holiday memories.

Would she be nostalgic for the Italian coast? In any case, she did not fail to react to the fans with his lack of seriousness in the photos. “Grateful for ze pasta,” she wrote in commentary, with a little pasta emoji next to it. This is clearly an invitation to not take the lead on the part of the star!

Invited in the program “Giving Back Generation”, Selena Gomez spoke on an important subject. Indeed, she spoke of the suffering she had endured after remarks about her weight. “I experienced body shaming for the first time with my weight. I have lupus and I have to deal with kidney problems and high blood pressure. So I’m dealing with a lot of health problems, “she said.

Then, Selena Gomez also explains the reason for her weight gain that she assumes thoroughly. “These are the medications I have to take for the rest of my life. I noticed that people were starting to attack me for that. But in fact, it’s just my reality. My weight fluctuates. It depends on what happens in my life “explains the young woman who advocates” authenticity “.


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