Selena Gomez will host her mother on mental health!


In her latest Instagram story, Selena Gomez just announced she was going to host a live with her mom about mental health.

For several months, Selena Gomez seems more and more committed. Indeed, whether it’s to get his fans to vote, or to debate politics, the artist doesn’t seem to want to stop. For example, she just announced a few hours ago that she was going to host a live with her mother about mental health.

But before talking about this future “event”, let’s go back to the artist’s commitment. Indeed, those who follow her on social networks already know what we are talking about. Justin Bieber’s ex keeps taking sides on certain points. Incidentally arousing the anger of some at times.

For example, not long ago Selena Gomez was reacting to Google. Blaming the company, through Google Ads, for “spreading bad things”. Explaining on his Twitter account, thanking UNICEF for spreading the truth:

“Thank you Unicef ​​for doing that, then. We need more businesses to do this. Google Ads must therefore stop. To spread advertisements. They put forward hatred. Or something else. I’m talking about disinformation ”

In short, Selena Gomez is no longer really afraid to speak up and give her opinion.


But she will prove it once again in the live that she will host with her mother. This time to talk about mental health. A subject much more delicate and complex than the points she has been able to raise so far.

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This is probably why Selena Gomez will be accompanied by her mother for the occasion. Now all the fans are wondering when they will be able to attend the “conference”.

Don’t panic, the pretty brunette was giving the answer. Indeed, in the caption in her story, she also let it be known: “I will be alongside my mom on November 17th. I invite you to swipe up to find out about our debate about mental health ”.

It remains to be seen if Selena Gomez will manage to bring people for this special evening. Answer tomorrow morning!


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