Selena Gomez: why her fans are still addicted to Bieber?


Why are Selena Gomez fans still obsessed with her relationship with Justin Bieber? We’ll give you more details.

Why are fans of singer Selena Gomez so obsessed with Justin Bieber?

They formed one of the flagship couples of their generation. And although they haven’t been together for years, their fans aren’t turning the page on their relationship.

But the chances of seeing Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber together again are slim today. Despite this, the singer’s fans still seem to be obsessed with her ex.

Yet the young man turned the page for good by marrying Hailey Baldwin. Besides, Selena Gomez fans think the singer deserves better, someone like their favorite star.

More than two years after their split, the fan obsession is still going strong. Elle magazine has unveiled a scientific explanation for this obsession!


Thus, an expert explains to Elle magazine why fans are obsessed with the couple formed by Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. First, because their relationship lasted a long time.

Although they experienced a few breakups, the couple remained together for more than 4 years. Which is quite a long time especially since they were just teenagers at the time.

The fact that the two artists released tracks that spoke of their relationship also contributed to fan obsession. They think that their best hits are the ones about their breakup.

In addition, Justin Bieber had a reputation as a bad boy. As for Selena Gomez, we saw her as the wise girl who was going to save him.

In fact, the singer ended up writing a song explaining that she will not be the one to save him. In addition to their music, the two lovers seemed very complicit. And the fans loved it! So after each breakup, they ended up meeting again.

So it’s mostly these ups and downs in their relationship that obsess the fans. Indeed, they love to follow their dramas, which makes them obsessed with their relationship.


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