Selena Gomez: What to expect at the cooking show?


Season 2 of Selena Gomez’s cooking show is coming to HBO Max in a few days. But then, what to expect? Season 2 of Selena Gomez’s cooking show, Selena + Chef is coming to HBO Max. January 21. On the program, cooking, guests. But also dramas …

The first season of Selena Gomez’s show was a hit on the HBO Max platform. The pretty brunette has invited a handful of prestigious cooks. They will cook recipes from all over the world.

And it’s a success. Fans of the singer were there to follow the adventures of the singer, who in this way improved in the kitchen.

And good news for Selena Gomez fans, as a season 2 is coming to HBO Max. The young woman announced the good news on social networks

To do this, the interpreter of Ice Cream shared the official trailer for Selena + Chef. The opportunity for Internet users to discover the many guests of the show.


” You know it. I am not the best cook. But I will improve myself. I promise you “. Selena Gomez admits straight away in the official Selena + Chef Season 2 teaser.

“I’m not going to stop. Until I get better. I am back in my kitchen. I will train with the best chefs, ”she said. The smile on the lips. The interpreter of Rare promises nice surprises. For this second season.

Aarti Sequeira, Curtis Stone, Evan Funke. Graham Elliot, JJ Johnson or even chef Jordan Andino will be there for this season 2. As the young woman announced in the trailer, she will cook Indian dishes. Or even Asian. And be careful that the dish does not burn.

The young woman and the chef Sequeira will therefore prepare a huge chicken for Thanksgiving. The episode will be titled “Selena + Aarti: Friendsgiving”. The contraction of the word Friends and Thanksgiving.

As for season 1, the singer will therefore donate 10,000 dollars to associations. They are defended by the chefs who will tour with Selena Gomez. Season 2 lands on January 21 on HBO Max.


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