Selena Gomez wants true love in her life


The ‘I Can’t Get Enough’ singer has been “super, super single” for two years and can’t wait to find someone on the “same wavelength” as her.

She said, “I’ve been super, super single for two years. I want to know what the next love will be like for me. I want it to be real and I don’t want it to be co-dependent or messy or lack of communication. When you get older, you find people that are really right for you, that are on the same wavelength as you … I’m relaxing now, guys, honestly, that’s very stressful. ”

And the 27-year-old singer will be “very transparent” with love in the future.

Speaking at The Zach Sang Show, he adds: “It would be very transparent. I don’t have space to amortize the things I need or want. I think girls can sometimes be afraid of that, because they see us as crazy or needy or think too much or dramatic Sometimes I understand it, but I love being a girl and I love having the emotions I have, falling super deep and being passionate, it’s about containing it and channeling it in the right areas, but I never want to lose the sense of love that I imagine is. I don’t want to be bored or bitter about anything. I think it exists. I’m happy waiting for that for as long as it’s necessary because we’re going to be doing this forever. “


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