Selena Gomez very bad cook in a new extract!


Selena Gomez just teased her cooking show by posting a video of her making hilarious cooking mistakes! Selena Gomez has just unveiled an excerpt from season 2 of her cooking show Selena + Chef! A video where we can see the singer making a lot of mistakes in the kitchen …

To teaser the second season of her cooking show, this Thursday, January 21, 2021, Selena Gomez posted a clip from an episode. A video on which we can see the artist making a lot of mistakes!

So, the latter captioned her post as follows: “Is this really an episode of Selena + Chef if I don’t make at least one mistake?” Watch the first 3 episodes of Selena + Chef Season 2 now on @HBOMax for new recipes, new chefs and new cooking incidents. ”

A self-mockery that obviously pleased fans of the beautiful Selena Gomez! Indeed, his post has already recorded more than 6 million views on the social network, a beautiful record!


On Instagram, fans of the beautiful Selena Gomez reacted en masse to her latest post! Indeed, the comments are very numerous and all more enthusiastic than the others …

“I haven’t watched Selena + Chef Season 2 yet … But I’m already looking forward to you, you are so funny in the kitchen! »« My favorite cooking show, so happy that you shot a season 2! ”

Or again: “You are completely solar on this Selena Gomez video, it’s nice to see! Besides, I’ve already watched the first episode… It’s just amazing! Can’t wait to see the rest! “We can read on the social network of the young woman of 28 years!

Adorable messages that will please the young singer!


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