Selena Gomez unveils her new music video “Boyfriend” from her latest album!


That’s it ! Selena Gomez revealed last night the video for her latest title, Boyfriend, from the reissue of her latest album Rare.

The queen of teasing is Selena Gomez! The young woman decided to spoil her fans during the confinement. So, she unveiled the Boyfriend clip, after having previously prepared a tally with her fans on Twitter.

This Friday, April 10, the Selenators were surprised to discover the clip that accompanies the catchy song, Boyfriend. Directed by Matty Peacock, the clip highlights the singer in several situations.

Eager to find a boyfriend, a boyfriend in French, we follow Justin Bieber’s ex to go to several romantic dates. Thanks to a magic flask that she carries everywhere with her, the pretty brunette hypnotizes her conquests.

And she turns her pretenders into… toads! Thus, in the clip, Selena Gomez shows that it is she who has the power to do what she wants.

In a few minutes, the clip exceeds the million views mark. A nice record for the young woman, therefore, who feared the release of this single.

But, let her reassure herself, her fans validate the clip! Comments on Twitter did not take long to appear. And they are more than positive!

Since her breakup with The Weeknd, her last boyfriend, Selena Gomez has not hesitated to talk about love in her songs. This was already the case with Justin Bieber to whom she dedicated her song Feel Me.

Today single, the young woman wants to send a message of hope to those who have not found the rare pearl. Asked about Boyfriend, the young woman said: “It’s a light song about falling and getting up every time in love, but also about knowing that we don’t need anyone except yourself to be happy ”.

The young woman does not stop here. For her, it is obvious, having a boyfriend is not her priority at the moment. “We wrote this title long before the current crisis, but in the context of today. I want to be clear: having a boyfriend is far from my priorities. This is what is said!


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