Selena Gomez talks about touring: “South America is a priority”


Selena Gomez is officially back in business. The first step she took was releasing the singles “Lose You to Love Me” and “Look At Her Now.” Of course, now the album is expected, and then the tour.

In an interview with radio 97.1 AMP, the singer commented on the possibilities of performing again and said something that Brazilian fans will really like! For her, singing in South America would be a priority.

“This is very important to me. I know it was complicated in the past, just because it’s hard as there is someone who just puts you on a bus that keeps taking you to places without rest, that’s hard. But there are several places I’d like to go that I haven’t been to yet. South America would be a priority, ”he reflected.

To tour, Selena Gomez would need to find a balance in her own time so as not to harm her health. In the same interview, she made it clear that taking care of herself is top priority and that won’t change!

Come, Selena, we are waiting for you!


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