Selena Gomez talks about her origins in Apple Music!


Selena Gomez has not always been Selena Gomez … The artist reveals the origin of her first name and its importance to Apple Music.

Selena Gomez shows off her Latin origins! As she releases De Una Vez, and sings in Spanish, the star reflects on her career with Apple Music… The chance to find out more about her!

First revelation: her first name. “My parents called me Selena Quintanilla”, explains the singer. With such strong origins, it was therefore necessary to pay tribute to the culture of her parents.

But Selena Gomez wanted to wait. In Zane Lowe’s interview on Apple Music, she admits, “It’s something that matters to me.” So you had to “feel the opportunity to create something like that, really big.” ”

Because it’s not just a song for her. It is also a tribute to her origins, her parents, her family … To succeed in bringing together so many roots in one song, the star had to work.

“I also think I love the way my parents brought me to every type of music,” adds Selena Gomez. Without her parents’ taste for music, could she have had another career …


With Apple Music, the star will therefore search deep into her memory. To remember how precious her parents’ help remains to her. “The first music I heard was Tejano. ”

This pop in Spanish comes straight from the United States. From Texas. Selena Gomez admits it, she “loves it”. But to achieve the result of her childhood, we had to imagine De Una Vez …

So she tells her long journey to this sound. So it took work … “But then I understood better how to add Spanish to R&B, pop, or electro music …”

Mixing her language, her style of music and respecting her roots: these are the three challenges set by Selena Gomez to succeed De Una Vez… Did she succeed? Answer on Apple Music!


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