Selena Gomez: “Taki Taki” Becomes Her Favorite Musical!


Selena Gomez recently made a big reveal during an Instagram live. The track “Taki Taki” is her favorite collaboration!

Not long ago, Selena Gomez shared a live performance with her millions of Instagram followers. During the latter, the great American singer then unveiled the title of her favorite collaboration.

Nothing seems to be able to stop the very famous singer of only 28 years. Selena Gomez thus connects the projects, but above all, the very big successes!

It must be said that she really has a lot of talent. Thus, her many fans admire him and therefore do not hesitate to let him know. They support her en masse in each of her businesses!

But that’s not all … There are also more than 212 million following his crazy adventures on Instagram. Yes, you did hear it. It must be said that she spends a good part of her time there.

Recently, she also organized an unprecedented live on the famous social network. Internet users then gathered in droves to attend.

They had the honor to discover the title of the collaboration that Selena Gomez prefers. Eh yes ! You will have probably understood it, so this is the famous hit Taki Taki.

The singer loved her moment alongside Cardi B, Ozuna, but most of all, French musician DJ Snake.

Selena Gomez: “Taki Taki” Becomes Her Favorite Musical Collaboration!


As you probably know, Selena Gomez is about to release a whole new project. And her millions of fans rejoice!

Especially since this is an unreleased EP, entirely in Spanish. Yes, you did hear it. And the first track unveiled is already unanimous.

“This is probably the first song I have ever sung in Spanish since I was 18 or 19,” she recently said of the De Una Vez sound.

On YouTube, the latter already has more than 60 million views! Do you think that is crazy? Yes it is. Yet one of her titles has reached a whole new level.

On the same platform, the hit Taki Taki posted a very good score of 2 billion. No, you’re not dreaming. She blew up the view counter!

And as mentioned earlier, this is therefore her favorite collaboration. More than that, it is the one that has touched him the most over the past few years. And we understand why !

The very famous American singer explains then that she really enjoyed working with DJ Snake, but also with Cardi B and Ozuna.

And yet, the shock quartet did things halfway. With her incredible track, he got everyone to agree.

We let you discover the live Instagram of Selena Gomez!


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