Selena Gomez surprises her video “De Una Vez”!


Selena Gomez releases a title in Spanish for the first time. Her music video “De Una Vez” appeared on the Web last night.

Something promised, Selena Gomez released her first Spanish title De Una Vez this night. Something to surprise her loyal fans.

The actress, but also a businesswoman, never stops having new projects. With her make-up brand “Rare Beauty”, Selena Gomez has met with great success. But we must not forget that she is also a singer.

Selena Gomez celebrated one year of her album “Rare”, but she doesn’t seem to want to stop there. Indeed, after a five-year artistic hiatus, the singer wants to satisfy her fans. And they are happy.

To renew herself, the former Wizards of Waverly Place actress may well offer other titles in Spanish. Eh yes !

Selena Gomez had given her fans a preview in 2018. In her feat alongside DJ Snake, Cardi B and Ozuna, she sang her first lyrics in Spanish. Besides, the fans loved it.

Yesterday, the young woman created a surprise. She posted a big teaser on her Instagram. Indeed, the pretty singer does not hesitate to publish the cover of her next song. Something to intrigue its subscribers.


Two days ago the rumor announced the release of an upcoming song for the singer. And not the least! Selena Gomez sings in Spanish. The fans were then very impatient.

Selena Gomez, always very close to her subscribers, yesterday announced a very crisp announcement. We love !

The pretty singer appears on the cover of her title in a floral dress. Prettier than ever, the comments are therefore flowing. She then seduced the Web. Not surprising !

De Una Vez, a pop song with Latin sounds, already seems to conquer its fans. This song title in Spanish surprises them. Indeed, Selena Gomez renews herself to the greatest happiness of all.

The singer seemed to step out of her comfort zone by singing today in Spanish. A project that she had in mind for a while, and which is now a reality.

In the clip released last night, the ex-Disney Channel actress is more charming than ever. Very attractive, she appears in a long floral dress. We love !

With this love song, Selena Gomez seems to be addressing an ex-boyfriend. Justin Bieber? The Weeknd? The beautiful brunette then leaves doubt.

Selena Gomez puts everyone in agreement. She is radiant. For the singer it is therefore a full box! In fact, in just a few happy people, the clip has already reached 4 million views on YouTube.

This track might just be the first in a long list. And thus encourage the singer to release a possible album in Spanish. To be continued.


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