Selena Gomez stars in the latest Ice Cream teaser


Selena Gomez stars in the last teaser for “Ice Cream” before the premiere of the MV. The “Rare” star is set for her collaboration with BLACKPINK on August 28. The singer starred in the latest promotional poster for “Ice Cream” ahead of the release of her new single, which is expected to reveal the first DVD preview tonight. Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa, Jennie and Selena are ready for their explosion of girl power.


Through the official YG Entertainment account, the latest poster for “Ice Cream” starring Selena Gomez was released. The singer wears a summer outfit worthy of the pink concept that BLACKPINK decided on for this new song. The photo became a trend on Twitter within hours of being revealed.

Selena models with an ice cream vendor hat, in addition to a retro swimsuit, in white and red, her look is composed of her long hair and red lipstick, capturing a style inspired by the 80s era. the background of the image can be seen a typical ice cream truck to those who circulate in the streets of the United States.

Selena will appear to be leading the English portion as she strolls through the ice cream cart, while BLACKPINK will do their thing with the Korean lyrics, creating a great combination with their vocals. The Selena Gomez poster has already registered more than 150 thousand likes and 52 thousand retweets, raising the expectation for “Ice Cream”.


The singer of “Rare” was very excited to be able to fulfill her dream with BLACKPINK, adding her first K-pop collaboration of her career, as was Ariana Grande, who participated in the production of the song. BLINK hopes to break the records they set with “How you like That.”

The pink concept of “Ice Cream” is inspired by girl power, summer, retro style and the flirtatious side of girls. YG also revealed a teaser for Lisa, who fell in love with BLINK with a cute look full of sparkles and colors, sporting 2 little hair bows that make her look adorable.


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