Selena Gomez soon ready to release a sound in Spanish?


Pretty singer Selena Gomez could soon release a next track in Spanish, then a whole album. Selena Gomez will she take the plunge? The singer could release her first album in Spanish in the coming days.

Very good news for Selena Gomez fans! In this new year, the singer plans to renew herself.

Indeed, the singer of Lose You To Love Me does not plan to release a classic album. For the first time, she would sing in Spanish.

No, this is not a joke! Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend would finally feel ready to take the plunge.

So that’s what the trend on Twitter led him to believe the day after the first anniversary of “Rare”, his latest album.

So it read “Selena is coming” which can be translated as “Selena is coming”. And for good reason, the mysterious teasings on buildings in Mexico are intriguing!

In fact, Selena Gomez has revealed two strange names translated into Spanish. Notably “De Une Vez” as well as “Baila Conmigo”.

So, it won’t have taken long for the artist’s greats to guess what it is. These would be the titles of his new singles.


That’s not all ! Indeed, Selena Gomez also liked the posts of her followers. All equally eager to discover its novelties in Spanish.

However, the singer has yet to confirm the arrival of her songs in Spanish. She also didn’t mention a new album in Spanish.

However, the rumors about this new opus have been circulating for months. Internet users will they be right?

Either way, Selena Gomez is keen to give a nod to her Hispanic roots. As a reminder, the singer’s father is of Mexican origin.

Her mother, on the other hand, has Italian origins. Thus, the pretty brunette would like to pay homage to her father and her ancestors! And you what do you think ?


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