Selena Gomez showcases her villa for over $ 3.7 million!


What does Selena Gomez’s villa look like? The singer recently acquired a sublime house at 3.7 million dollars.

Selena Gomez recently purchased a villa in Los Angeles. The pretty brunette has invested in Encino, a chic suburb of California.

It was in May that the pretty brunette left her old home not far from Beverly Hills. She decided to go more inland. Hello magazine! got his hands on exclusive shots of the sumptuous house.

In July, the young woman had therefore made a list of the things she had done during confinement. “During confinement, I set up my new home. I also took guitar lessons. Among other things, ”she confided on Instagram.

Selena Gomez has since shown pieces from her sublime villa to her fans several times on various occasions. In June, she recorded an interview with Miley Cyrus.

The opportunity for her to set up her huge living room, which she has tastefully furnished. And that’s not the only piece she showed on camera.


On Instagram, the pretty brunette had unveiled part of her huge bedroom. Internet users have therefore discovered the green wallpaper with floral patterns of all colors.

She opted for second-hand wooden furniture. The singer loves to feel at home, so every piece of furniture has been carefully chosen to make her feel like a cocoon.

Before her, it was singer Tom Petty who lived here with his wife Jane Benyo. The property therefore has 6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms that the young woman has converted into a guest room.

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As for the kitchen, here again, Selena Gomez has redecorated this living room which is important. In fact, in the HBO show Selena + Chef, the pretty brunette showed viewers her sublime cuisine where she was able to prepare recipes with the greatest chefs of the moment.


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