Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes and more artists ask for George Floyd


George Floyd was an African-American citizen living in Minneapolis in Minnesota.Floyd died during an arrest Monday, one of the police officers who arrested him placed his knee on Floyd’s neck, preventing him from breathing for several minutes.

Police said they arrested George Floyd because they had received a report accusing him of wanting to pay for items with a fake twenty-dollar bill, Floyd was unarmed and did not resist when the uniformed officers approached him.

The scene was captured by a Darnella Frazer who was doing some shopping, realizing what was happening she decided to take out her cell phone and broadcast the events via Facebook Live.

This case of police brutality shocked everyone, thousands of protests have been organized since the day of the incident to demand that legal action be taken against the police officers who participated in the arrest of George Floyd.

The ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, which was born a few years ago and seeks to raise awareness of the rights of the African American community, once again took hold to see justice done for George Floyd.

Many artists, including singers and actors from the show business, have spoken about it on their social networks and are using their voices from public figures so that this case does not go unpunished.

Taylor Swift

The singer published in her Instagram stories an image with the last words of George Floyd: ‘Please, I can’t breathe, my stomach hurts, my neck hurts, everything hurts, they are going to kill me’ and added the hashtag # JusticeForGeorgeFloyd.

Justin Bieber

The singer on his Instagram account published the video of the arrest of George Floyd and in the description wrote:

Beyoncé Knowles

Queen B is one of the artists who has supported the Black Lives Matter movement the most, on her official website, she published a memorial for George Floyd.


The singer wrote a message on her Twitter account:

Demi lovato

The singer has published several posts on her Instagram account talking about the George Floyd case:

Shawn mendes

The artist shared a message through his Twitter account, the singer asked that they join the petition to take legal action against the policemen who participated in the arrest of George Floyd.


The rapper chatted a bit with her fans through an Instagram live where she said that:

Selena Gomez

The singer published in her Instagram stories the same image as Taylor Swift and added:

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