Selena Gomez Shares Her Signature Makeup For Beauty!


New buzz for Selena Gomez! The pretty brunette shares her signature makeup with us today with her Rare Beauty cosmetics brand!

New buzz for Selena Gomez! The pretty brunette shares her signature makeup with her Rare Beauty cosmetics brand today!

Certainly, Selena Gomez does not stop talking about her! The fans absolutely want to know everything about his life and his daily life!

Followed by more than 185 million subscribers, Selena Gomez shares her daily life and her routine on the networks! And who says routine, says beauty and make-up routine!

And since the star launched her own brand Rare Beauty this year, she’s only wearing that! Unsurprisingly, the brand is a real hit and has driven the web into a panic since its release in September!

And for good reason, the star advocates positive body and self love with her brand! “I wanted people to feel that makeup is something you can enjoy, it’s not something you need. We are not meant to look like everyone else, we are meant to look like ourselves… You are a rare beauty! She had therefore explained.


While her brand is a huge success, Selena Gomez shared a new make-up with us a few hours ago! On Rare Beauty’s twitter, she announced, “HOLD THE PHONE 🤭 Selena shares her favorite tips and tricks for creating her signature look: a bold lip, defined eyes and full brows. Head over to our YouTube channel for a first look 👀. ”

Shock! Barely a few hours later, Selena Gomez’s video went viral! With over 18,000 views, fans go wild and compliment her relentlessly!

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They comment: “She’s a queen! We love to see Selena healthy and happy. “Or” My queen, she is so adorable. And the instrumental Ring playing in the back ?? I liked it!! Hope she brings out all the instrumentals. ”

“She is the cutest, most beautiful and rarest beauty queen 💕💕💕💕💕💕😘😘😘😘” wrote another fan. While another confesses, “Selena I love you so much… you have really changed my life. ”


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