Selena Gomez shares her daily life with her friends!


Selena Gomez has agreed to say more about her private life! The star revealed her daily life with her friends on Instagram. We tell you everything!

Selena Gomez has spoiled her fans again! Indeed, the star organized a live on Instagram to answer questions from Internet users. So she made some revelations about her life with her friends.

Selena Gomez is very close to her community! Indeed, the famous singer can not help but spend her days on social networks! And she doesn’t hesitate to confide in her community!

Private life, beauty advice, projects… the bombshell confides a lot on Instagram. More and more Internet users are joining her to find out more about her life away from the cameras!

Selena Gomez now has over 212 million fans on her profile. She therefore gives her all to please her community and keep her star status on the Web!

Yesterday, the ex of Justin Bieber also reserved a nice surprise for her admirers. She decided to organize a little question-and-answer session live on Instagram!

Selena Gomez therefore invited her followers to ask her any question about her! And they didn’t hesitate to question her about her private life!

Selena Gomez shares with her fans her daily life with her friends!


A question came up a lot during the direct of Selena Gomez. Indeed, many Internet users have asked her about her shared life.

The young woman therefore made some new little secrets! She confessed that she shared a flat with 4 friends in her big house.

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Selena Gomez explains “They are like brothers! They drive me crazy sometimes! “. But let the fans be reassured! The star cannot see herself living without them and considers them to be members of her family.

The it girl has also revealed the little habits in the roommate. She admits: “This Sunday, we went out to eat before doing some shopping. After that we love to come home and watch a horror movie over dinner! “.

You will understand, Selena Gomez and her friends have their little habits. And the star seems very fulfilled like that. She confides “As long as I am with my friends, I am happy”!

Internet users loved the star’s confidences! they are thousands to have followed her live on Instagram!

Selena Gomez also took advantage of this moment to talk about her favorite books, her beauty routine or her projects. What to delight her admirers!

No doubt, the singer always fascinates her audience! Between her advice, her confidences and her good tips, the star has not finished talking about her on social networks!


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