Selena Gomez shares her beauty routine for the New Year!


Tonight is New Year! On this occasion, Selena Gomez shared her express beauty routine for the New Year. This year, the New Year will have a special flavor for millions of people around the world. With the covid-19 crisis, many are staying at home, so Selena Gomez has thought of them.

At the head of Rare Beauty, the American singer has therefore decided to deliver her beauty routine to you for the end of the year. So take notes.

The 28-year-old singer has just revealed to her fans a new video on the YouTube channel of her makeup brand, Rare Beauty. And it lasts 5 minutes.

The star, revealed on Disney Channel, loves to wear makeup. She gives you for five minutes, her tips for a successful New Year’s makeup.

And the least we can say is that she doesn’t skimp on the means to show you how to be on fleek for tonight. The young woman thus praises the quality of her products.


The singer therefore begins by cleaning her face with micellar water. Then, she continues by applying an exfoliant on her face.

Next, she applies her Liquid Touch Foundation from her Rare Beauty brand. She applies it liberally to her face, cheeks and chin.

She follows it up by applying a foundation. Once done, she uses a concealer from her makeup brand under her eyes and under her eyelids.

She puts on some blush and doesn’t hesitate to congratulate herself. “That’s so good, I’m shocked how brilliant it is,” she tells her fans.

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She goes on to add some colored blush this time around, on her cheeks and complete it with a liquid foundation. She thus seeks to accentuate the demarcation of her cheeks.

Selena continues by drawing her eyebrows in brown pencil.


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