Selena Gomez shares behind the scenes of “De Una Vez”!


Since the release of her title in Spanish “De Una Vez”, Selena Gomez has been a hit. Today she then shares the scenes of the clip.

Last week, Selena Gomez released her first title in Spanish: “De Una Vez”. The latter then met with great success. The singer is releasing behind the scenes of the clip today.

Selena Gomez is famous for her pop music. Indeed, its melodies are engraved in our minds. The Hands to Myself singer has taken a break from her musical career.

After 5 years of absence, the beautiful brunette is back in force with the release of her album Rare. Very close to her subscribers, Selena Gomez did not forget to thank them for the one year of the latter. And this is not to displease them.

The Spring Breakers actress continues to amaze the Internet. Moreover, the singer has embarked on beauty. Indeed, she released her makeup brand: Rare Beauty. The star therefore never ceases to amaze her fans.

In fact, the businesswoman continues to have new projects in mind. And for good reason, the singer released her first title in Spanish. It will therefore not cease to surprise its fans. Yes, her latest clip “De Una Vez” has already accumulated more than 33 million views.

For this title in Spanish, Selena Gomez did not do things by halves. The clip is amazing. And on the Web the compliments fuse.

To answer the curiosity of the fans, Selena Gomez has just published the scenes of the clip.


The pretty brunette is used to being the center of attention on the Web. And for good reason, Selena Gomez is followed by no less than 204 million subscribers. So many influencers dream of.

The queen of Instagram is very active on her social networks. Indeed, the latter often funds her account. Her fans are then the happiest in the world. Eh yes !

Today, the beauty offers a new format to her subscribers. On YouTube, Selena Gomez shares behind the scenes of her new music video “De Una Vez”. Not bad !

In this short video, the singer confides in full filming on the making of the clip. Justin Bieber’s ex then opens up about her emotions during her makeup and hairstyle session.

In fact, the makeup artist uses products from the Rare Beauty brand. Selena Gomez really thinks of everything! The former Wizards of Waverly Place actress isn’t afraid to show off the backdrop. In the video, the tips and advice of filming are then revealed.

The behind-the-scenes video from the shoot has already over 700,000 views on YouTube. Fans seem to be eager for Selena Gomez’s next surprise.


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