Selena Gomez reveals kidney transplant scar


Selena Gomez surprised on Instagram by showing for the first time the scar from her kidney transplant Photo!

Selena Gomez managed to cause an uproar among her Instagram followers and several netizens by posting one of her shocking photos, where the singer showed for the first time the scar from her kidney transplant.

Let’s remember that Selena Gomez has positioned herself as one of the most successful and appreciated artists in the music industry, where several of her singles have occupied the first places of the main music charts around the world.

On the other hand, this 28-year-old singer has won the affection of the public through her sweet personality and great human quality, where she has stood out for having a very close contact with her fans.

Selena Gomez shows the scar from her kidney transplant

Likewise, we cannot forget that Selena Gomez for several years has fought against various diseases, including lupus, a disease in which the immune system attacks healthy cells and tissues by mistake.

And because of this condition, some time ago the singer had to undergo emergency surgery for a kidney transplant, which left one of the largest scars on her body.

“When I received my kidney transplant, I remember that at first it was very difficult to show my scar. I didn’t want it to appear in photos, so I used things to cover it “

It was part of Selena Gomez’s message along with a photograph in which she is seen wearing a sky blue swimsuit, in a pose that allows us to appreciate the large scar on the upper part of her leg.

The singer also transmitted a powerful message to her followers on Instagram, mentioning that she will never feel sorry for her scars again, noting that they do not take away the beauty of the human body.

It is worth mentioning that this publication by Selena Gomez has accumulated more than 2.3 million likes and thousands of comments in less than an hour!

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