Selena Gomez reveals her transplant scar for the first time


Singer Selena Gomez showed her transplant scar and talked about the importance of accepting all body types.

A few years have passed since a friend of Selena Gomez donated a kidney to her, but it was until now that the singer showed the scar of this process to share her thoughts on the perception we have of non-stereotype traits.

When Francia Raisa donated an organ to Sel, she not only had a nice gesture with her friend, but also helped her optimize her lifestyle by improving her health. But the aftermath of this surgical process was not easy for Selena to accept.

According to her, it was difficult for her to show the way her body looked now, but time helped her to realize that its value goes beyond what it looks like.

As described by TMZ, the Same Old Love interpreter shared an image in a bathing suit from her Instagram account, where we also see her posing with confidence and strategically showing the scar on her leg, so that it was clearly visible to the camera .

Selena Gomez also prepared an inspiring description that accompanied her post, where she talked about how she had felt in recent years about her body and the accomplishment of changing her mind:

When I had a kidney transplant, I remember that it was very difficult to show my scar at first. I didn’t want it to be in the photos so I wore things to cover it. Now, more than ever, I feel confident with who I am and what I faced… and I’m proud of that.

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Selena Gomez knows very well that just like her, there are other people dealing day by day with the insecurities that their body causes them, so this post became an important and motivational message for her fans.

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