Selena Gomez reveals the behind the scenes of her “Boyfriend” clip!


Several months ago, Selena Gomez released her brand new album. The singer released the Boyfriend clip and she went behind the scenes!

Selena Gomez pauses in music after breaking up with Justin Bieber. Indeed, the star had a depression and she had a lot of trouble recovering from this separation.

Thus, she moved away from social networks in order to focus on her well being. Nevertheless, the starlet returned to the front of the stage a few months ago. Indeed, she released a brand new album: Rare.

In her new album, Selena Gomez talks about her past relationships. So fans noticed that she was talking about Justin Bieber in “Lose you to love me” as well as in “Look at her now”.

Nevertheless, a few days ago, the singer posted the clip for “Boyfriend” from her latest album. The starlet seems to be talking about one of her old relationships and was inspired by fairy tales.

Indeed, in the song, Selena Gomez transforms a man into a toad thanks to a magic potion. The starlet is more sensual than ever in the clip and she caused a sensation. So, a few hours ago, she posted a nice photo of her during the clip.

The American singer knows a huge success with her last album. So, she wanted to please fans and she revealed the behind the scenes of her Boyfriend clip.

In the photo, we find her makeup with her long brown hair. “On the set of Boyfriend,” she wrote.

The starlet is wearing a black high neckline and it is clear that she is preparing for a date! In any case, she is very pretty and the fans all succumbed by discovering the photo. “A queen,” said a fan. “So beautiful,” said another fan.

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