Selena Gomez Returns Indirect Justin Bieber Again


Although Selena Gomez has insisted that her intention was not to put anyone in an awkward position with the lyrics of her single ‘Lost You To Love Me’ or give rise to a confrontation with her former Justin Bieber and the current wife of the singer, the truth is that she is not trying too hard to leave her old sentimental partners in good place when talking about what has been the inspiration to compose her new music.

Now he has claimed, for example, that in the past he has been caught in “toxic” relationships in which communication and transparency shone by her absence.

“When you are younger, you confuse codependence with love and you end up developing a kind of addiction to the passion and frustration that you feel towards each other and you think that is to be in love. Or at least that is what I thought during a lot of time, “he confessed as he passed through the radio program of Zach Sang.

Selena is also intrigued to know what Cupid has in store for her, but at the moment she doesn’t consider it a priority to find someone to rebuild her life with.

“I’ve been very, very single for two years,” she said. “As you get older, you find people who are right for you and who are at the same point in their lives … Right now I’m taking it easy, really.”

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