Selena Gomez remembers young black woman killed by police


Selena Gomez used her Twitter to draw attention to the birthday of Breonna Taylor, a young black paramedic who was killed by the police in her apartment in Louisville (USA) in March.

“Breonna Taylor would be 27 today. The same age as I am. But she was shot eight times. Please join me and sign this petition. We will get justice for Breonna,” she wrote.


The case

On March 13, Taylor was in her apartment with her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, when the police arrived with a warrant in hand to search her home. The officers did not knock on the door and did not formally announce themselves, according to the family’s lawsuit against the Louisville police.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by The Washington Post, the police were in the wrong house. The man they were looking for, suspected of selling drugs, did not even live in the same apartment complex – and by the night Taylor was killed, he was already in prison.

Once the police broke into the apartment, the paramedic’s boyfriend shot the officers with his gun, which he legally bought. The officers opened fire back and unloaded 20 rounds of ammunition at the apartment, hitting eight shots at Taylor, who was unarmed.


The calls for justice in the case of Breonna Taylor were resumed in the context of protests against racist police actions that broke out in the USA after the death of George Floyd, a black security guard from Minneapolis (USA), in police custody.

Gomez was not the only one to post about Taylor’s case in recent days. Names like Demi Lovato, Solange and Kehlani also reminded the paramedic on their social networks.


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