Does Selena Gomez regret interacting with Justin Bieber?


Does Selena Gomez regret interacting with Justin Bieber? These days when she has been inside her house, maybe she got a little melancholy because of what it was …

‘ Jelena ‘, has been one of the most media relations in the entertainment world , there are still fans who show that they miss seeing their love , how their feelings were shown and cared for.

Now Selena has been active in social networks , muhas people are registering their interactions , the singer may have been remembering the past these days, as some accounts of fans devoted to this relationship of old, they spend posted incredible moments of these two and followers did not hesitate to take evidence of the singer’s approval on Instagram

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Oh Selena…

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Gomez has given heart to some of these photos, although later I withdraw it, some do not count with Sel’s like , the followers have proof that she did it.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were always involved in dimes and diretes, at the end of their relationship , they themselves commented that it was very stormy and that they were hurt, but that they understood that it was perhaps due to age, their tight schedules or just the paths of fate that did not want them to be together.

The ones that will not deny are that they learned from each other, since they met at the best moment of their lives and careers, learning from each other, being very sweet in their public appearances.

Do you think Selena is missing Justin?

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