Selena Gomez reflects on her last two years: “a complete mess”


Selena Gomez used the word “shitshow” to describe her later years. In free translation, it would be a “shit show”. The best translation, however, is “a complete mess,” a “chaos.” The singer refers to all the problems that have plagued her personal life, including the comings and goings of dating Justin Bieber, entitled to The Weeknd in between.

“Everything that has happened in the last two years has been a complete mess. I was completely thrown everywhere. I terms work, I didn’t know what to do, but personally things happened. I think I finally realized I was ready to go back when it was all gone and I felt like I had been through one of the worst chapters of my life She vented in an interview with Syke On Air.

The spread of “Lose You To Love Me” and “Look At Her Now” continues. In the interview, Selena talked about this feeling of “getting lost”, theme of the first song. “It takes time for you to realize that you got lost. The girl I was before getting into any relationship is the girl I want to be, but now I finally feel that I’ve captured her – just a little bit more worn out and a little more experienced, ”he pointed out.


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