Selena Gomez ready to stop the music? This message that worries her fans


During an interview, Selena Gomez made no allusion to music for her future. Fans are very worried about this revelation.

Selena Gomez fans are in shock. The young woman has just made a disturbing revelation about her singing career !

Become famous for her role in The Wizards of Waverly Place , Selena Gomez quickly conquered the public. After Disney Channel, she therefore took possession of the microphone and managed to find a place in the musical world. Today, the young woman of 27 is even the happy composer of 4 albums! But that’s not all ! Indeed, if her career as a singer works very well, she still did not turn her back on the cinema.

Lately, she had a role in the last film of Woody Allen! However, despite a top career, Selena Gomez does not seem to want to continue very long. Indeed, during an interview for Dazed Magazine, the singer confided in the place where she saw herself in ten years.

“I hope that I would practice philanthropy even more, while maintaining a healthy balance in my life. I think it will surprise people, but I would also like to create beautiful things around me and for others. ” Here’s how Selena Gomez responded to the famous question: ” Where do you see yourself in 10 years? ” And for her, the music does not seem to be part of her plans.

Indeed, during the interview, the young woman made no allusion to her art. But don’t panic, that doesn’t mean that she will give up her career! Besides, Selena Gomez also did not talk about starting a family. Thus, only the future can be precise on the future of the young woman, who intends to continue fighting alongside UNICEF.

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