Selena Gomez preparing for a series in New York!

Selena Gomez is preparing a new series in New York! The pretty brunette was seen on a film set! Selena Gomez is full of plans … The pretty brunette has been spotted on the streets of New York while filming scenes for a new series.

The young woman has invaded New York for the needs of a new series. The latter is called Only Murders In The Building.

The singer has been in the Big Apple for several weeks to shoot the entire season of the series. The paparazzi spotted the star on the streets of Manhattan.

Dressed in her protective mask and a large faux fur puffer jacket, Selena Gomez is therefore far from having gone unnoticed. Some fans recognized her and she even agreed to pose with them.

The young woman is currently filming with her co-star, Steve Martin. The two actors were seen joining the set in a New York building.

Selena Gomez therefore has endless plans, and she doesn’t mind. After a complicated 2020, the pretty brunette makes a triumphant comeback.

Selena Gomez preparing for a series in New York


The Only Murders in The Building series will be broadcast on the Hulu platform. The pitch: Three strangers, obsessed with crime, find themselves tied to a real-life murder and decide to solve the case.

An already intriguing synopsis. We will notably find Amy Ryan, Steve Martin, Martin Short, Aaron Dominguez, but also Selena Gomez, revealed by the Disney team.

In addition to being a headliner, Selena Gomez will also be executive producer of Only Murders in the Building. A cap she had already worn on 13 Reasons Why.

This will also be the case for Steve Martin and John Hoffman, who are the two creators, but also Martin Short. Regarding a possible release date, the Hulu channel has declined to communicate at this time.

While waiting to be able to see her in Only Murders in the Building, we can therefore find Selena Gomez in season two of Selena + Chef. The show, which airs on HBO Max, is a hit. And it is deserved.

This is the reason why the singer agreed to shoot a season 2. The principle is simple, each week, Selena Gomez receives a chef by zoom.

Together, they will have to make a recipe in a given time lab. In season 1, she therefore had the chance to cook with Ludo Lefebvre. Nancy Silverton. But also King Choi.

The show which debuted on August 13, 2020 is such a hit that a season 2 saw the light of day a few months ago. In addition to that, Selena Gomez will also be executive producer of Natalie Krinsky’s romantic comedy, The Broken Hearts Gallery.



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