Selena Gomez pregnant? This video sows doubt


Is Selena Gomez pregnant with her first child? A video arouses suspicion and we invite you to explore it in this article.

Selena Gomez has become an international star for years and her personal life has always been a sensation in the media! Famous for having had an incredible love affair with Justin Bieber, the two singers may have gone their separate ways and continued on their way, the media and fans continue to associate them with and hope for the return of their couple. If everyone had definitely found love with their translator Hailey Baldwin, the person who released a new single called De Una Vez would still be a heart to take. Recently, however, photos of Selena Gomez in a man’s business suggested he might be in a relationship again.

For now, while he has doubts about the singer’s emotional state, a recent video has cast doubt on a possible pregnancy. As you can see in the post above, Tiktok account zigo_memes0 shared a video of Selena Gomez dancing with one of her friends for the app. We can see the belly of the young woman and it looks very round. Therefore, it may lead us to believe that the translator of Lose You To Love Me is pregnant with her first child. Obviously, for now, this information needs to be taken with great care. This is just simple speculation. While waiting to learn more, check out Selena Gomez’s new game, Baila Conmigo, with Rauw Alejandro.


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