Selena Gomez overtakes Beyoncé on Facebook!


Selena Gomez has just broken a new record in terms of subscribers! It now exceeds artist Beyoncé on the Facebook social network!

It’s now official, Selena Gomez has more followers than Beyoncé on Facebook! Indeed, the beautiful brunette is one of the 10 most followed artists on the social network…

While Selena Gomez is one of the most followed personalities on Instagram … The ex of Justin Bieber also breaks records on another social network! Indeed, this is Facebook !!

Her success is such that the young woman even exceeds Beyoncé! With 61 million followers on Facebook, Selena has even become the 6th most followed female artist on the social network … It is not nothing!

Many Internet users have commented on the fact that Selena Gomez has more Facebook followers than Beyoncé! One thing is certain, they do not all seem to agree!


If some Internet users are numerous to have congratulated Selena Gomez! Others have pointed out that the young woman is now beyond Beyoncé! Indeed, on Twitter, Internet users have dropped to comment on the new Selena record on Facebook!

” Unbelievable ! Selena who has no voice, surpassed Queen B! I can’t believe my eyes … It’s nonsense! “Shocked! Selena is not a quarter of Beyoncé’s career! So I really don’t understand! ”

Other internet users, on the contrary, are delighted for the beautiful brunette! “So proud of Selena Gomez! Like what, the career is not everything! Personality counts too! And Beyoncé is so crazy … “” Too good! It’s great for Selena, it’s so deserved! ”

Can we read on the social network Twitter! For the time being, the main concerned, Selena has not yet commented on this new record on Facebook! Case to follow…


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