Selena Gomez opens up new details about her depression!


In an interview with People Magazine, the young woman gave new details about her depression. The young woman encourages people to talk about it openly.

Throughout her career, Selena Gomez has known difficult times. Indeed, she often had periods of depression or strong stress. In 2018, she admitted to having suffered from depression for 5 years.

She then explains that it was really difficult to talk about this dark period in her life. She was also very afraid of what others might think! “Come to think of it, I’m like I don’t care, it’s me, I’m like that. »Said the young woman who fully assumes her past.


By confiding in her depression with her fans, Selena Gomez hopes to encourage people to talk about it more easily. “At first I felt like it was hopeless. »Explains the young artist.

She says she has trouble getting out of bed in the morning. Besides, Selena Gomez just wanted to be like other kids her age. She explains that she has finally found her rhythm, but that it has taken quite a while.

“If I need a friend, I’ll call a friend. If I need a shrink, I’ll call my shrink. “Explains Selena Gomez quite simply. But the most important thing for her is to take time for yourself.

The young woman hopes to eliminate the prejudices about people with depression. And above all that mental health services are more accessible to everyone.

“I have tried several things. But the only thing I have never stopped doing is asking for help. »Continues the young designer of Rare Beauty. “The most important thing in our lives is our sanity! »Concludes the young artist.

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