Selena Gomez is not in a relationship with Niall Horan: the singer flirts with another!


Oh, love ! Nothing more complicated … And Selena Gomez is the perfect example. The singer is finally not in a relationship with the handsome Niall Horan.

And yes, it was too good to be true. The former star of the One Direction and the beautiful Selena Gomez do not go out together … The young woman seems to struggle to find shoes to his feet. Remember that she has already been in a relationship with Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner and even The Weeknd. But her biggest love story will always be the one she shared with Justin Bieber.

Although the canvas was starting to pan around the new Hollywood couple, the two artists, Niall Horan and Selena Gomez, are only good friends. And that’s all ! Their comparison, however, suggested that a great adventure would be possible …

If the heart of the young singer did not succumb to Selena Gomez, it seems yet to pinch for another international singer. Niall Horan would be in love with Lizzo! The interpreter of Truth Hurts confided to BBC Radio 1 that during his meeting with the singer, the latter had congratulated him by saying, “You smash all this year”!

The scene, filmed, was quickly broadcast on social networks with, legend, “It is almost certain that Niall Horan will not forget Lizzo so soon”. What the former One Direction member was quick to answer “Absolutely not! I love you Lizzo. The American, meanwhile, did not hesitate to take the lead by adding a simple “call me”! From then on, poor Selena Gomez was quickly taken over in the background. In fact, Internet users were unleashed in imagining the couple Niall Horan / Lizzo!

For now, nothing concrete is found between the two artists. Following the next episode!


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