Selena Gomez made a crucial decision


Selena Gomez made a crucial decision. The singer faced a current situation.

Many celebrities have spoken out in support of the “Black Lives Matter” movement that originated in the death of George Floyd. For this reason, Selena Gomez revealed what her contribution will be for this initiative.

The singer reported that she decided to relinquish control of her official Instagram profileto be used as a means of expression for the leading voices of this cause.

In this way, the verified account consisting of more than 179 million followers will be a window to show stories, reflections and experiences of different leaders and personalities of “BLM”.

While she was determined to allow her profile to be used on the Hearts platform, she indicated that it was not easy for her to find a way that suited what she felt.

However, she stated that, despite everything, it is the right time to take action on the matter before “the historical moment” that is taking place.

“We all have an obligation to do better, and we can start by opening our minds and hearts to listen to others.”

On the other hand, on the recent posts that have been published on the site of the former Disney star , those referring to certain characters such as: Alicia Garza, Jelani Cobb and Kimberlé Crenshaw stand out.

Importantly, in addition to Selena , Lady Gaga also offered her digital space to further disseminate African American activists.


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