Selena Gomez: look back at her best love stories!


Back on the love stories of the beautiful Selena Gomez! A look back at the love stories of the beautiful Selena Gomez! Indeed, Selena Gomez is one of the most followed and sought after celebrities on the web today. Followed by over 200 million Instagram followers, fans adore the pretty brunette and always want to know more about her.

To begin with, let’s go back in time to 2008. Selena Gomez dated Nick Jonas for a few months at the same time as her former friend Demi Lovato was dating another Jonas Brother.

In 2009, Kristen Stewart introduced Taylor Lautner to Selena. They then dated for a very short time before each returning to their current movies.

In 2014, after breaking up with Justin Bieber, the young woman went out with Orlando Bloom then Tommy Chiabra. At the end of 2015, Selena gave her heart to Samuel Krost before falling back into the arms of the beautiful Orlando Bloom in May 2016.

While rumors still say that she is in love with Bieber, the singer then turns to Charlie Puth for a while at the end of 2016. Short-lived, too, Selena fails to thrive in her romantic relationships …


Indeed, the two most important and most discussed relationships of Selena Gomez are those she had with The Weeknd and Justin Bieber. These are the ones we talk about most often … And for good reason …

Selena Gomez took many years to move on after her relationship with Justin Bieber. Coming out broken, she would not recover until years later.
As for her Weeknd relationship, she inspired a lot of lyrics to her songs! But that’s not all, it also sparked a drama between her and Bella Hadid.

Now in a relationship with Jimmy Butler, what will their relationship give? To be continued …


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