Selena Gomez is on trend with the inside of the refrigerator


Singer Selena Gomez surprised her fans by showing the food she keeps in her refrigerator. You won’t believe it!

Pop superstar and actress Selena Gomez recently gave fans a mini tour of the inside of her fridge and the internet is in love.

In the short video, which Gomez posted on her Instagram Reels titled “Fridge & Freezer Tour,” the star can be seen opening her fridge and freezer to give followers a glimpse into her quarantined lifestyle.

She begins the video by saying “This is my refrigerator-freezer situation …” and opens it to reveal two very different images.

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Fridge & Freezer Tour

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On the side of their refrigerator, viewers can see mostly healthy foods like pre-cut vegetables, fresh fruits, and some beverages. However, on the freezer side, Gomez has a full shelf dedicated to at least 12 different flavors of ice cream.

Gesturing toward the candy-filled shelf, the singer says, “This could be where I am most of the time,” before giving a double thumbs-up.

In just one day, the clip has already received more than 6 million likes, and fans commented on how they totally relate to her summer isolation diet and thanked her for the “early access.”

Other outlets focused on some of the more distinct items in Gomez’s refrigerator, with Delish searching the internet to try to find a bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch as big as the one in Gomez’s video, and PopSugar praising its extremely tidy and organized shelves. and making some recipe suggestions based on the included content.

Selena Gomez to have cooking show on HBO Max
According to PopSugar, the hilariously identifiable Instagram video was released just hours before Selena Gomez announced her upcoming television show, Selena + Chef, which will appear on the HBO Max streaming service.

According to People, the show will premiere on Thursday, August 13, 2020 and is described as a quarantine-inspired cooking show.

In each of the 10 episodes, Gomez will be remotely joined by a different chef who will try to teach you how to cook a recipe.

In a statement, HBO Max said: “Since the social estrangement at home, Selena has spent more time in the kitchen than she ever imagined. But despite her many talents, it remains to be seen if the kitchen is one of them. This Informal, fun and informative series will encompass both the struggle and the joy of learning to cook, while also inviting the public to stay home. ” Each episode will also highlight a food-related charity.

Gomez has said in the past that if he weren’t a pop star and actress, he thought “it would be fun to be a chef. I definitely don’t have the formal training! “And is taking the opportunity provided by the COVID recommendations to stay at home to learn how to handle the kitchen.

At least if the recipes don’t work, we know you have a well-stocked refrigerator to turn to. Who among us has not calmed down the disappointment of burning dinner with a delicious pot of ice cream?

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