Selena Gomez Inspires Fans to Cook!


Selena Gomez fans are very active on Twitter. The latter even reproduce the recipes she offers on her show.

Selena Gomez is very close to her fans. Since confinement, the singer has decided to offer recipes to her subscribers on her show. Something to make them very happy. To thank her, they publish the results of their cooking sessions on Twitter.

Selena Gomez is known for her talents as a singer and actress. With the film Spring Breakers or her album Revival, the star has always proven her great creativity.

On the Internet, the former Disney Channel star is also enjoying great success. On Instagram, she has 205 million subscribers. Thus, she is the queen of social networks.

But the 28-year-old is not going to stop. And for good reason, the latter always has plenty of projects in mind. And so her fans are very happy.

In February 2020, the singer then released her makeup brand: Rare Beauty. And this is a huge success. Through her products, Selena Gomez wants to empower her fans to accept themselves as they are. For the star, beauty has no code, it is very diverse.

In short, the actress is on all fronts. After music, movies and makeup, the young businesswoman also dabbled in the kitchen.

And for good reason, the beautiful actress has been offering a cooking show for several months. On HBO Max, Selena Gomez then offers small recipes to her fans. On Twitter, they already love it.


Selena Gomez is always very considerate of her subscribers. And for good reason, during the confinement she tried to occupy them. During this time of health crisis, the singer tried to bring some joy.

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And it seems that the bet is successful. Indeed, Selena Gomez fans seem to love her new concept.

On social networks, the pretty brunette’s subscribers post their dishes. Thanks to their favorite star, fans can make great recipes. Yum !

On Twitter the singer receives many compliments: “It was really delicious”, “Thank you Selena” or even “Thank you I love you”. In short, it looks like it’s still a full box. Not surprising.

Always very attentive, the interpreter of Slow Down, then takes the time to respond to her fans. She notes: “It’s beautiful, good job”, “Yum”, or “It looks delicious”. In short, Selena Gomez always has a little word that pleases.

In summary, the Selena + Chef show is a huge success. So, HBO Max and Selena Gomez are already preparing a season 2. With guests and new recipes, this new season is already shaping up to be very crisp.


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