Selena Gomez in transparent dress on Instagram


On her Instagram account, singer Selena Gomez has just unveiled a super sexy photo. Her dress is all transparent!

Bomb alert ! In a transparent dress, singer Selena Gomez capsizes the hearts of her subscribers. They find her super sexy.

Warning the eyes ! On her Instagram account, Selena Gomez has just shared a new post. And be careful, not the least.

Indeed, the pretty brunette teases her makeup brand, Rare Beauty. Thus, the singer has unveiled a whole series of photos, each more canon than the other.

But one has to believe that one of them still stands out. In short, Selena Gomez wears a transparent little black dress.

So it didn’t take much more to drive her followers crazy. Everyone finds her super sexy, and never fails to let her know.

And for proof, just take a look in the comments section. Compliments flow freely!

Thus, we can read the following messages; “You are our own Queen”, “Oh my god my baby, you are so beautiful”, or “But how is that possible ?! ”


However, Selena Gomez does not receive beautiful messages on a daily basis. The star also has to deal with the many rumors about her!

One of her assistants gave an interview to our colleagues at Star Magazine. According to her, the artist is a walking tornado.

“I have never seen such a mess in a hotel room in 24 hours. There is make-up and fast food packaging everywhere, ”she said.

Moreover, this anonymous person allegedly added that it was “disgusting”. However, Selena Gomez deigned to respond to this rumor. Is it true? No one will know.

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Either way, the young woman doesn’t care what anyone says about her. For now, she is celebrating Joe Biden’s victory with her friends.


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