Selena Gomez hallucinates! Justin Bieber is seriously ill!


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have run (and run) rivers of ink because of the stormy relationship they had and that ended the Canadian in the hands of his current wife, Hailey Baldwin, and the singer and actress shattered by the rupture and circumstances . Even in them it has exploded in terms of opinions in all directions, what is clear is that her degenerative disease (lupus) and possible infidelities of him, have led Selena to be the victim of this media romance. Until today. Because Justin suffers a very serious health problem. Is it karma?

No, rather a borrielosis caused by the bite of a tick, specifically of the genus Ixodes, present in many parts of the world and associated with environments with high proliferation of mammals, from wild, such as deer; to domestic, like cows and sheep. It is quite common for an oversight to occur in the environment and one of these tiny creatures bites us, transmitting the bacteria that causes this disease. And it has a name, signs and a high severity: it is Lyme disease and it is suffered by the well-known artist.

It has been revealed by the singer himself, who has said that he is already in treatment and hopes to gradually emerge from this situation. Apparently, the disease and its treatment have not been attacked in the best times and that is why it may be suffering from quite uncomfortable episodes and symptoms, which can range from fever and rashes, to more important issues such as palpitations, cerebral palsy and memory problems . Little joke.

In this love triangle that still form after so many years Justin, as Selena and Hailey, there are those who have seen a certain irony in getting Justin from this disease, since the singer suffers that one (of unknown origin), a medical condition autoimmune that can attack a multitude of organs and body parts. Irony or not, gravity is beyond doubt and karma may be at work, if it is true that Justin misbehaved with Selena. Who knows. However, let’s hope for a speedy recovery for Justin.

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